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Marvin makes use of Pydantic's BaseSettings to configure, load, and change behavior.

Environment Variables

All settings are configurable via environment variables like MARVIN_<setting name>.

Please set Marvin specific settings in ~/.marvin/.env. One exception being OPENAI_API_KEY, which may be as a global env var on your system and it will be picked up by Marvin.

Setting Environment Variables

For example, in your ~/.marvin/.env file you could have:

Settings these values will let you avoid setting an API key every time.

Runtime Settings

A runtime settings object is accessible via marvin.settings and can be used to access or update settings throughout the package.

Mutating settings at runtime

For example, to access or change the LLM model used by Marvin at runtime:

import marvin = 'gpt-4o'

Settings for using Azure OpenAI models

Some of Marvin's functionality is supported by Azure OpenAI services.

After setting up your Azure OpenAI account and deployment, set these environment variables in your environment, ~/.marvin/.env, or .env file:

MARVIN_AZURE_OPENAI_API_VERSION=2023-12-01-preview # or latest

MARVIN_CHAT_COMPLETIONS_MODEL=<your azure openai deployment name>

Note that the chat completion model must be your Azure OpenAI deployment name.