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Captioning images

Marvin can use OpenAI's vision API to process images as inputs.


Please note that vision support in Marvin is still in beta, as OpenAI has not finalized the vision API yet. While it works as expected, it is subject to change.

What it does

The caption function generates text from images.


Generate a description of the following image, hypothetically available at /path/to/marvin.png:

import marvin
from pathlib import Path

caption = marvin.beta.caption(image=Path('/path/to/marvin.png'))


"This is a digital illustration featuring a stylized, cute character resembling a Funko Pop vinyl figure with large, shiny eyes and a square-shaped head, sitting on abstract wavy shapes that simulate a landscape. The whimsical figure is set against a dark background with sparkling, colorful bokeh effects, giving it a magical, dreamy atmosphere."

How it works

Marvin passes your images to the OpenAI vision API as part of a larger prompt.

Model parameters

You can pass parameters to the underlying API via the model_kwargs argument of caption. These parameters are passed directly to the API, so you can use any supported parameter.

Async support

If you are using Marvin in an async environment, you can use caption_async:

caption = await marvin.beta.caption_async(image=Path('/path/to/marvin.png'))