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Basic Installation

You can install Marvin with pip (note that Marvin requires Python 3.9+):

pip install marvin

To verify your installation, run marvin --help in your terminal.

You can upgrade to the latest released version at any time:

pip install marvin -U

Breaking changes in 1.0

Please note that Marvin 1.0 introduces a number of breaking changes and is not compatible with Marvin 0.X.

Adding Optional Dependencies

Marvin's base install is designed to be as lightweight as possible, with minimal dependencies. To use functionality that interacts with other services, install Marvin with any required optional dependencies. For example, to use Anthropic models, install Marvin with the optional Anthropic provider:

pip install 'marvin[anthropic]'

Installing for Development

See the contributing docs for instructions on installing Marvin for development.