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Installing Marvin

Install Marvin with pip:

pip install marvin

To verify your installation, run marvin version in your terminal.

Upgrade to the latest released version at any time:

pip install marvin -U

Next, check out the tutorial to get started with Marvin.


Marvin requires Python 3.9 or greater, and is tested on all major Python versions and operating systems.

Optional dependencies

Marvin has a few features that have additional dependencies that are not installed by default. If you want to use these features, you can install the optional dependencies with the following commands:

Audio features

Marvin can transcribe and generate speech out-of-the box by working with audio files, but in order to record and play sound, you'll need additional dependencies. See the documentation for more details.

Please follow these instructions to set up the prerequisites for PyAudio and PyDub.

Set up PyAudio dependencies

Marvin's audio features depend on PyAudio, which may have additional platform-dependent instructions. Please review the PyAudio installation instructions here for the latest information.

On macOS, PyAudio depends on PortAudio, which can be installed with Homebrew:

brew install portaudio

Set up PyDub dependencies

Marvin's audio features also depend on PyDub, which may have additional platform-dependent instructions. Please review the PyDub installation instructions here.

Generally, you'll need to install ffmpeg.

On macOS, use Homebrew:

brew install ffmpeg

On Linux, use your package manager:

apt-get install ffmpeg libavcodec-extra

On Windows, see the PyDub instructions.

Install Marvin

Now you can install Marvin with the audio extras, which will also install PyAudio and PyDub:

pip install marvin[audio]

Video features

Marvin has utilities for recording video that make it easy to apply vision AI models to video streams. See the documentation for more details.

pip install marvin[video]


Generally, to install Marvin for development, you'll need to use the dev extra. However, in practice you'll want to create an editable install from your local source code:

pip install -e "path/to/marvin[dev]"

To build the documentation, you may also have to install certain imaging dependencies of MkDocs Material, which you can learn more about here.

See the contributing docs for further instructions.