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Recording video

Marvin has utilities for working with video data beyond generating speech and transcription. To use these utilities, you must install Marvin with the video extra:

pip install marvin[video]

Recording video

Marvin can record video from your computer's camera. The result is a stream of Image objects, which can be used any of Marvin's image tools, including captioning, classification, and more.

Recording continuously

The record_background function records video continuously in the background. This is useful for recording video while doing other tasks or processing the data in real time.

The result of record_background is a BackgroundVideoRecorder object, which can be used to control the recording (including stopping it) and to access the recorded video as a stream of images. Images are queued and can be accessed by iterating over the recorder's stream method.

import marvin

recorder =

counter = 0
for image in
    counter += 1
    # process each image

    # stop recording
    if counter == 3: